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The AACP is a non-profit organization integrated by researchers, professionals, teachers and students who promote the scientific, social and strategic development of psychology in Argentina. As of today, we have over 400 members from different provinces, as well as some from Latin America.

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The reference to "psychological science" in the name of our association alludes to our proposal for a social-scientific model in psychology. This perspective promotes scientific development together with considerations about its social role. We believe that both tasks are necessary and are not mutually exclusive. Therefore, our general goal involves a strong scientific commitment along with the endeavour to seek the means to articulate, contextualize, connect and transfer psychological knowledge into professional practice, and to assist policymaking and address the public interest. This goal is pursued by a series of institutional actions, including programs to foster scientific publications, offer complementary training in scientific methods and models, provide scholarships to attend psychological conferences, facilitate access to scientific databases, promote membership with other national and international psychology organizations, and communicate psychological science to the general population and the public policymakers.

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You can read more about our organization in the following articles:

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Psychological Science in Latin America: Roots, Trends and Challenges
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Psychological Science in Argentina. A new project
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